About Us
Management Team

The members of the management team of Prairie Sky Co-op are:

Administration Office (306) 848-3677

General Manager: Don Kraft

Controller: Rebecca Filteau

Corporate Affairs Manager: Laila Bader

Credit and Equity Manager: Suzette Relucio

Member Relations Manager: Andrea Bell

Human Resources Advisor: Gillian Zyla

Food (306) 848-3664 and Pharmacy (306) 848-3682

Food Marketing Manager: Rob Kalman

Grocery Manager: Darren Paul

Pharmacy Manager: Ian Fleck

Meat Manager: Craig Robson

Bakery/Deli Manager: Tara Knoll

Produce Manager: Rimma Groisman

Petroleum Division (306) 848-3689,

Crossroads (306) 848-3690, Suds City (306) 842-4199, Gas Bar (306) 848-3688

Petroleum Marketing Manager: Dean Lund

Petroleum Manager: Ivan Olson

Suds City Manager: Jamie Geiger

Gas Bar Manager: Ed Collins

Home Center and Building Supplies (306) 848-3691

Home Centre Marketing Manager: Jodie Mantei

Home Centre Assistant Manager: Dustin Gerry


Beaubier Branch (306) 447-4613

Branch Manager: Ila Torkelson

Milestone Food Store (306) 436-2102

Food Manager: Brittany Adams

Milestone Convenience Store (306) 436-2020

Petroleum Manager: Brittany Tuck

Lang Service Centre (306) 464-2008

Branch Manager: Mike Saip